Sunday, August 21, 2011


Blog closed for now.

Take care peeps. Friends, you know where to find me ayt.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Christchurch Tuesday's Earthquake

The 6.3 Richter scale quake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand on Tuesday,  currently as at the time I am blogging this (Auckland time 7.16am) stands at 103 casualties with an estimated over 200 still missing.

My heart and  prayers go out to all those that lost their loved ones and may all others be united with their families safely soon.

I had not intended to blog but since I am at it, my prayers too, to all those emergency workers including all those selfless voluntary ones together with those from the other nations, May you all be safe and be home soon.

ps: Stay safe hun, come back asap.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do I or don't I?

Yes or no?  Do I or don't I? ehh, delete this blog I mean. 

It's been ages since I update this. For a while, I forgot my password, couldn't log in. Now I'm busy with Aeynn. Thought I'd post her cute, luv'ly pics here but then we both decided against that. On top of that, I guess I've just lost interest in blogging. Don't read much blogs of late either.

Haven't even update the facebook too! I find myself spending less time online with tweeter, facebook, blogger, the tube etc etc. 

For now, each waking hour I'm happily @ work or if not, spending the rest of the time with our darling precocious toddler. She's really quite a bundle. I love her, love her with all of my life!!!  I remember my first time changing her diapers, ehehehe. Man oh man, I had always thought there was nuthin' to it. Boy, mistake, big mistake but well, you learn and life goes on. LOL.

What would make both me & Sha happier still if we could only take Bryan too. We both miss him. So much!

Oh well, i'll decide later on if I wanna delete this thingy.